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American Hidden beach sex Oil Shower. Afterwards, easy clean-up. Works for both P-in-V and anal, and is super adjustable. Have them sit on the bottom of the tub, legs straight in front of them. Low water level is fine here—in fact, it's eco-friendly! Slide on top of them, holding onto their shoulders or the side of the tub for leverage.

And here's some secret wisdom: a pair of soaped-up boobs makes everything better. Sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to shower-boning. Make sure your feet are completely non-slippery if you're a safety-first kind of person, buy one of those non-slip mats your grandma hasthen bend over at the waist, spread your legs as needed, and hang onto to something sturdy.

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Your partner enters you from behind in a standing doggie, holding you steady with their hands on your hips. Very primal feeling.

Sometimes trying to hold a weird position, or random fears of water waste during a drought, can get in the way of you actually having an orgasm. Put a handheld showerhead into service hey, man, I told you to get one directing the stream between your legs as they enter you standing. The water won't work the same magic on their penis as it does on yours viva womanhood!

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The tub or shower is an ahh-mazing place for oral. The water and general air of cleanliness helps some people feel more relaxed about mouths on mysterious nether regions. Take turns sitting tit beating the edge of the tub built-in shower seat works too and having the other give you some wet, watery love.

If you have neither ledge nor edge, take turns kneeling before the other. Mutual masturbation is great at all times way less chance of pregnancy or diseases, way more chance of getting the kind of stimulation you need and shower MM offers the additional perks of body-safe soap as lube it works in this case, if they keep their fingers on the outside of you.

Plus, easy rinsing away of the evidence. Try a variation with them standing behind you, either stroking themselves while you attend to yourself, or stroking you while they slide their penis between your soapy butt cheeks, like a titty fuck, but with butt. Follow her on Twitter. Type keyword s to search.