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5th Job Guide: Buccaneer

Level Consumes MP, Fully charged. Energy Orb can be used periodically up to 3 times.

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Serpent Screw Attack nearby enemies with the aura of a dragon that sleeps in the rough sea. If the dragon attacks enemies using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. The effects are activated when the skill is used, and disabled when it is reused. Consumes Energy per second.

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Consumes viper Energy per second when your Energy is fully charged. Cooldown: 3 seconds. Level Consumes MP. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data maplestory processed. Could you revise it please? Lastly, i wanted to say that i really love your guides and you should definitely keep updating them! Leo: Demon Avenger best for unfunded player.

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Does not consume MP and his HP is easily healed with his skill. Star Force his equips can easily boost his maplestory significantly. Mafu: Thanks for sharing your pros and cons on Buccaneer! What is the best way to maintain fully viper as much as possible? The class seems rather crippled when it is not charged. Tenzer — To put it simply, Static Thumper gets replaced after 4th job.

Buccaneer Overview | Dexless, Maplestory Guides and More!

Just my viper. You could make a case to take it over SA. Also, NL is basically as good at bossing as NW so maybe give them a look. Great skill guide Ayumi! Can you look into updating some of the 4th job skills? Thanks for the guide. Did I miss something? Should I reset all hyper skills and will I get that one I earned at lvl ? Thanks for your guides and incoming reply :.

Is there specific pros and cons about a buccaneer? Like how well it mobs and how well it fights against bosses? PapaGrimly: Thanks for confirming Matthew findings! I have updated the URL to point to the correct page. In 2nd job you use corkscrew blow to push mobs into one place and finnish them of with tornado uppercut and when fully charged you can just spam energy vortex.

Third job is the same with spiral assault and energy blast. That is the only skill you need when fully charged but in my opinion you should not use it to charge your energy if you can one hit KO mobs with dragon strike or spiral assault because its a bit slower and the range is almost the same with ds.

This is the fastest way to deal damage when grinding i think and i have trained like this until level now :. Jesse: Sorry for the late reply. I have updated the skill maplestory guide to prioritize on the Spiral Assault as it can be used for later job advancement.

Can you milf bikini strip gif to this question please i want to make a bucc but i fell like this skill build is wrong because i fell spiral assault is a very vital skill to max and is still popular in the forth job since you can attack a whole map in a couple viper seconds.

Hi aran, are you referring squishy to maplestory sexy butt job defense? Non-warrior often lacks defense or skills that help replenish HP quickly to compensate that disadvantage. You can either: Charge up, maplestory use LotD to mob until uncharged Stay uncharged while using LotD, but use other attacks to prolong the duration of it In addition to above, use both Meltdown and Stimulating conversation to quickly charge up If you can afford it, consider getting Viper Attack special node for energy uptime QoL.

FAQ I will add F.

Viper Buccaneer | Ayumilove Hidden-Sanctuary for MapleStory Guides

If you need assistance with Buccs, I can be reached on: Discord: privateereck I am in PDT time zone, just so you can get an estimate on the hour difference. Guide Version 1. Game Version 2. Changelog - 0. Training and Boss Need to be improved. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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Damages a monsters that's far away and drags it to you. Attacks a monster nearby 6 times in quick succession. The targeted monster is stunned until the attack is complete. Uses HP and MP to temporarily increase the attack speed of a weapon. This can be combined with other boosters, and everyone in the party will have their attack speed doubled. Resets the cooldown for your skills and your party member's skills. Does not reset the cooldown of Time Leap.

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When attacked, you have a chance to increase your attack damage. The higher the skill level, the longer the buff. Pirate's Revenge can only be activated once every 50 seconds. Home Guides Forum Guild.

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Next to max is Demolition and Snatch along with Super Transformation. Energy Orb is maxed later and finally Maple Hero. For more information, refer to the skill description below! Dragon Strike Summons a sleeping dragon from the depts of the ground to apply damage to a number of monsters.

Energy Orb Uses a blast viper powerful energy to strike a monster. Super Transformation Increases power to extreme levels for seconds. Demolition Apply a significant amount maplestory damage to a single monster by attacking storm hentai at a blinding speed.

Only available when under a state of Super Transformation. Only available when under state of Super Transformation.

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Barrage Attacks a monster nearby 6 times in quick succession. Adding extra SP into Speed Infusion only increases the duration. This is added early on to speed up training and bossing.