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All you gotta do is race me for it. What does he mean, "prize"? One hundred percent titanium alloy.

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Bulletproof, fireproof, blastproof. Encrypted lock. Last chance. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. How about my way? You want it back, you'll need to beat me in a race.

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That's if you have the wheels for it. You're challenging the T-Car with that thing? Oh, you are on. Then I'll see you at the finish line.

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Be there or be square. That's because you're holding it upside down. I knew that. Just follow that case. I don't know how Ding Dong Daddy stole it, but we have to get it back. Let's just fly past him to the finish line and get it over with. Yes, victory will be ours. No can do, kitty-cats. Daddy's code of the road says, "Flying's for squares. Ding Dong Daddy used some sort of neutralizer beam to bring us down. No, keep going. We'll catch up. Robin out. I have found us transportation. What do you want?

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The junkyard called. They want their scrapheap back. He's going down. Sorry, kids. Daddy's just too smooth.

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Then it's time to rough you up. Cyborg, you aim, I'll drive. I told you before, Beast Boy, you're not driving the T-Car. I'm making my move. Uh, Cyborg? What kind of car is that? It's a pit stop on wheels. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery.

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This is your universe. Your universe.

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Right afterwards, the other Titans roll across the line, and in gratitude for their selfless assistance, Robin decides to show them the contents of the case which, however, remains a mystery to the audience. Click here to view the gallery. Sign In Titans have little caprice cumshot account? Start a Wiki. Back to list of episodes " Revved Up " is the sixty-first episode of the Revved Titans series and the ninth episode of Season 5.