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Shirtless boy playing on lakeshore. Rear view of shirtless man standing on field in forest during rainy season. Full length of man standing on beach against clear sky. Portrait of young man standing river.

High angle view of man diving into calm lake. Cute boy sitting by refrigerator in house at night. High angle view of shirtless man on rock. Rear view of friends walking on field. Full length of shirtless blowing up balloon pics forest.

Rear view of shirtless man kayaking on river. Directly above shot of man in hat swimming at lake. I learned that it doesn't matter what a girl is "looking" for. Get a grip mate. You really don't know me, though.

I think a good profile and conversation go a long way. I don't think it's fair to generalize. I've experimented a lot with shirtless vs non shirtless pics to see what happens. I do have an 8 pack and do a little underwear modeling on the side because I won the small waist genetic lottery, but to sum it up I heard girls lot of girls say the same thing put beach pic instead of mirror selfie.

They say a beach pic is better cause mirror selfie shows that he is "too into himself. How the fuck does doing it more efficiently, i. The only chicks who are offended by a guy's shirtless xxmxcom are fat chicks.

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Don't believe what you read in those mags. Most chicks haven't stepped foot inside a gym in 10 years. What woman who cares about her body and hits the gym 5 days a week would be turned off by a guy who does the same? It's nonsensical. Literally zero percent of woman have looked at a man with a fit muscular body shirtless and thought to themselves "I don't like that. It just reminds them how they are not as attractive as they'd like to be.

What woman doesn't want a man who takes care of his appearance.

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Zero women. In case you haven't heard the news, what people say and what they do are two completely different things. It's like in Mexico where every woman is apparently a virgin yet you know all the guys who slept with her because they are your friends.

If you have a nice body, show it. Be proud of that shit. You didn't wake up with it. You dedicated hours of your life to it. I have a pic of me shirtless on the beach doing a headstand I do yoga and weightlifting.

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