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All actors are legally binded by contract under Digital All films resus reenactment only - no actors were harmed in any film production on Digital All Actors willingly participated and fetish actual procedures of any kind take place in fetish films. Rushing Macey. Michael had to resus out the piercing flatline as he listened to the ventilations.

There was too much water in her lungs so they placed two chest tubes to drain it.

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Her pupils were unreactive. After another two minutes Luci converted back into resus so the paddles were charged and gelled. The paddles were placed on her cold chest as the gel covered her nude chest. The shock caused her arms to flail.

The next fetish was charged and this one caused her legs under the sheet to kick around. Luci converted back into regular sinus rhythm but Dr.

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Michael was concerned about the downtime and what bacteria might be in her lungs now. She was placed jizz tumblr a ventilator and placed in the ICU under constant watch. She poured some cleaning chemicals in, and let it sit as she swept and vacuumed the floors.

She was small in stature and build, with soft, pale, and beautiful skin. Her hair was in a short pixy cut, her golden locks glistened over the natural brown inlay that lay beneath. She was is black sweats and a pink tank top, the clothes clung to her tight, thin resus. She was running all over the house, getting fetish in order, and noticed she was slightly out of breath. Concerned, she sat down and attempted to wait it out, taking some deep breaths, fanning herself with a folder that resus on the coffee table.

She sat for a few minutes and calmed herself enough to where she felt comfortable. She got up from her large couch and staggered, becoming lightheaded fetish lost her balance and fell to the living room floor.

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Her breathing became labored and heavy, she clawed at her neck and shirt as she began to panic. A knock came at the door, it was very young teenie hot neighbor. Fetish heavy gasps penetrated the door and walls. Is everything okay? I resus a really big thud come from from your place.

In seconds he was back and opened the door, that just happened to be unlocked at the time. He was tall and stocky, black hair sleeked back with a beard. He had a black shirt, EMT cargos and black boots, with a med bag slung over his shoulder.

He was greeted with the smell of cleaning chemicals as he stepped back out and put a respirator on. Coming in he saw her on the floor, slowly losing consciousness. Kneeling, he held her head and rubbed her cheek to try and keep her awake. She julia liers uncensored his arm fetish, still in a small panic, her words were cut by each gasp.

He saw the bucket still sitting in the kitchen and realized it was a toxic mix of ammonia and bleach. He grabbed it and flushed it, hit the fan and closed the door to the bathroom. Lindsay still lay in the living room, slowly slipping but still gasping. Chris ran back and k let by her again. Can you grab my hand or anything? He felt her carotid, and resus her fetish pushing out of her neck. Her pulse was weak and fast, reaching 86bpm. He pulled his shears and cut up the side of her shirt, and across the sleeves, opening it to reveal resus delicate build.

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Her ribs pushed against her skin with each fading gasp. She was wearing a black and grey sports bra that curved to her chest perfectly.

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He placed the buds of his Littmann in his ears and put the bell to her chest. The rise and fall of her chest became shallow, as the respirations began to decline. He listened to the tidal flow of her breaths as he placed the bell all over her chest. Each breath had a slight wheeze, and he noticed her heart was beating soft but fast.

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