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III installs it. Sunny was kept alone as a worker by the Patriots and never had any friends so she has had no social experiences with other people. This is presumably the cause of a bad stutter that she has when talking to others. Now seven-year-old Sunny serves perhaps most notably as the Nomad 's cook, and she particularly likes to make eggs "sunny" side up. She also uses raiden as a form of fortune telling: if her eggs turn out well, the mission they are currently on will be a success, but if they don't, the mission sunny fail.

However, Sunny isn't a very good cook and often burns the eggs. After meeting Dr. Naomi Hunterher stutter starts to fade away as Naomi teaches her how to properly make cum on my wifes face. III as a gift.

However, because of her past with the Patriots, she is too intelligent for her peers of the same age and only stays in school for a year.

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With some help from Otacon, she begins to work at a company called Solis, a space-research and engineering firm sunny just outside of DenverColorado. When Raiden needs to reach Pakistan in a short amount of time, he reunites r adultgifs Sunny and asks for her help.

She single-handedly developed a Mach 23 aircraft and lends it to him and Bladewolf in order to prevent the assassination of the president.

When she realizes what kind of danger she put Raiden in by borrowing raiden plane, she regrets helping and starts to doubt her career in science.

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Afterwards, she reflects on Raiden's past, saying that he is really a hero in spite of what everyone else thinks of his background. The secret weapon Solar Gun has its description as a monologue raiden Sunny, herself describing a dream where she was enveloped in an ominous darkness looking upon a hopeless world, before being saved with kind and hopeful words from a mysterious boy wielding the power of the sun itself. Her silhouette is seen to the left.

A tweet from Quinton Flynn regarding Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance had him mentioning working with Christina Puccelliimplying that Sunny would reappear in the game in some capacity. A promotional brochure for Metal Gear Rising that was handed out at its showing at the Tokyo Sunny Show confirmed that she was going to appear in the game, although she was kept in silhouette.

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According to the December issue of Weekly FamitsuSunny would act as a "secret character. Her left pants leg has the Philanthropy logo on it, and she wore the same outfit as her mother did during the Tanker Incident. A closer examination of Sunny's render, specifically her ID card, reveals her full name as "Sunny Emmerich. Sunny also appeared in Versus Battle, where she fought against Rose.

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Concept art of Sunny top for Metal Gear Solid 4. Metal Gear Solid 4 concept art for Sunny. The top right image bears a resemblance to Paz Ortega Andrade. Sunny's silhouette icon on sunny official Metal Gear Rising website, prior to February Sunny's full polygon model for Metal Gear Rising. Sunny's introduction in Metal Gear Rising. Sunny's age 11place of birth, and height are given in her contact profile in Codec Mode though her age is contradicted by the date of argentina nude model pic Tanker Incident in Medicine, communication, transportation She cut off the Patriots' control while preserving modern civilization.

Maybe it was her way of avenging Olga Her mother. Otacon is sitting across from him. It was just one big defragmentation. Sunny's full name is given on her Solis ID card. raiden

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Raiden suddenly remembered. I'll find him. They're too broad to fit her arms around entirely, and cold to the touch. When she presses her head against his chest she can hear laboured, mechanical breaths. The way he tensed up like a cornered animal doesn't help either, but she doesn't care. She doesn't care. Raiden doesn't know how to answer that. Instead, tentatively, he reaches out to put a clawed hand on her head.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

To anyone but Sunny, it would be a small gesture. To Sunny, this is one of the closest displays of affection she's ever had, and that means all the world. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Metal Gear. Sunny's afraid he'll leave again. And this time, he might never come back. She wants to pull him back, but he just seems to be going further and further away. And just a few days ago, she'd almost lost him entirely.

A nagging voice tells her she should leave him to rest. She can't. She wants to stay like this just for a little longer.

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