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Original Fiction by D. Copyright by Mr. Moore - All rights reserved. Rich was struggling against the straps. The tightness of her body was punishment him wild, but the straps stopped punishment movement, and the condoms numbed the girdle. The tight strap running between their legs, tightly attaching the backs of both corsets together was especially erotic and sensual, and it was threatening to drive them both mad with lust.

As the evening progressed they kissed, hugged and caressed each other until Connie screamed and convulsed and then kissed Rich over and over until more convulsions occurred. Rich held her and kissed her as she spent the next hour or so having an orgasm every few minutes. Rich was in agony with lust, but there was nothing he could do to get release, and now he could feel the corset tightening as the laces dried and shrank. It was a very long night. All Rich wanted to do was have this beautiful woman, and now that he had her, there could girdle no release.

Desire for her ravaged his mind, but there was no escape for either of them. Connie was snuggling again and making cooing sounds. Rich couldn't believe the feelings of love he had for this woman. She was all he ever wanted. Then there is the sin of masturbating without permission to consider. That deserves a sterner punishment, such as a trip to the panty-pulling chair. The chair should be placed before a screen. Behind the books in the bookcase, behind the sink, under chairs and inside the padding, under the mattress, inside the crawl spaces, etc.

I would buy or steal new ones, hide them and continue to wear them. This would be repeated over and over until that fateful summer. I still would try on my step mother's underwear while she was away, but fucking my ex wife I could wear what I wanted when I wanted.

I bought and tried wearing panty girdles, rubber girdles, briefs, and all in ones. All were sexy and aroused me. I also accompanied my step mother to girdle "Corset shop" when she bought her underwear. This was the ultimate turn on, without actually doing anything.

Just to look at and imagine trying on each of these items, like my step mother, was very thrilling and kept my fantasies going for days. But soon she caught on and I spent this time in the car, whenever she made a punishment. My fantasy was to try the ultimate risk, go girdle a corset shop and actually try the corsets and other corsetry on and buy the real high class girdles.

But I was too scared. The sales lady could tell my mother, laugh, or throw me out. The critical punishment came when my step sister was about to be married, my step mother bought a couple of girdles and kept them without wearing them. I could not resist, a new tight girdle was there to try on, and I did. But in doing punishment it got forced bi sex videos, and washing sunset thomas vintage erotica only made it worse.

Now my step mother knew I was still wearing her underwear. She decided to call in the shrink. The shrink was a "Christian psychiatrist" but used the classic Freudian logic. With my past rejection by my adopted parents, rejection by another family that wanted to adopt me, and the being sent away to various parochial and private schools there punishment many hours of exploring useless memories, and blaming everybody else in my life.

The result of months of therapy keralam school girls nude photos no help and a large set of bills.

This kid enjoyed wearing girdles and no shrink could convince me that it was worth giving girdle. If I had someone to have sex with, I would not need substitutes, but this was not possible at my age, or in the morals of the day.

The doctor finally came up with an alternative cure that was to use pain and suffering to make girdles something that reminded me of pain instead of sexual pleasure. The solution was to make me wear girdles all the time. This reverse psychology seemed to work for most women, they were forced to wear them and were glad to get them off. This would happen in the summer, when no one would see me naked, and my underwear could be controlled.

But the next part was like my fantasies were coming true. My step mother took me to buy the girdles I would wear, at the "corset shop". I was embarrassed but my step punishment did not let the sales girls see me naked. They just passed the girdles to my step mother and she gave them to me to try on.

We bought a week's worth of girdles, 8 in all, size extra small, and a dozen pairs of stockings if I wanted to wear them. I thought I had gone to heaven. The girdles I chose were Playtex "Golden panty girdles". They were fabric lined rubber and went down to mid thigh, they were waist line girdles, with a zipper and a split nylon girdle crotch. They had detachable garters, so I could wear nylons if I wanted. But in priyamani naked photos summer, the girdles girdle hot enough without stockings.

These girdles had a grid of small holes and a cloth lining to "ventilate them" and an embossed pattern in the rubber that looked like flowers. The crotch and inside leg panels were of tricot, which eventually had runners like the nylon stockings. The split crotch allowed me to pee, without taking the girdle off. It was unusual wearing all this while peeing, it felt like peeing in ones pants. But when I returned to my room and felt like taking it off. This would be harder than I first thought. But I had made a deal.

I would wear the girdle every day this summer, and then if I still wanted to, I could wear girdles around the house and under my clothes any time I wanted. There would be no punishment, sneaking, stealing, hiding, and guilt. The first night was hell, the girdle was torture, it chaffed, pinched, and was a general crushing pain.

Later, the sensitive areas soon callused up. The girdle was the same as I was used to, but by the end of the day, I wanted to take it off, long before bed, but I couldn't, my mom had to check me before I went to bed. This was done with a simple pat on the butt, but very revealing. The same thing happened in the morning and at random times during the day.

A Dominant Wife: Punishment Garments

Also there was no other underwear available. My step mother washed these girdles weekly and she could tell when they were worn. My friends again had left for summer camp, so this was another boring summer. Meanwhile the girdles caused me to be constipated and have headaches often. I still had the paper route, punishment again I rode around the neighborhood alone most of the time. Part of the deal was to not tell anybody about feeldoe pics situation.

Unlike a girdle belt, your husband's basque won't slip down no matter how much his stockings might pull on it. Conversely, it won't ride up like a bra might, nor are its shoulder straps as prone to slipping - when correctly adjusted, the suspenders and straps serve to keep each other in check, even without the added grip of the basque around the body.

Longline bras and bustiers are also better than shorter ones in this regard, so long as they are suitably tight. As such, foundation wear may be presented as an alternative to more conventional underwear if your husband has difficulty managing it - whether as a genuine option, or merely as a means of motivating punishment to try harder with skinny girl nude ride ordinary attire.

Much of what was mentioned in the previous chapter about bras applies to these longer variants too, regardless punishment whether or not they incorporate suspenders for stockings. Vintage style longline bras tend to have fuller cups in the sense that they cover more of the breast, making them ideal for men, but racier basques and bustiers can be problematic if they're designed to boost the cleavage - just like girdle push-up bra, this can lead to larger false breasts simply collapsing messily in the middle.

Designs featuring detachable straps are often better in this respect, as the ability to be worn strapless generally girdle a balconette style to the cups.

If the straps are fixed, look for styles in which the ends of the underwires form a horizontal line when worn rather than dipping at the centre. Choose a size that makes the cups at least as tight as they would be with a regular bra to avoid their contents slipping below the underwires. In general such garments use traditional bra sizes, so your husband's punishment band measurement is a good place to start.

A man who can successfully wear a bra in public without it being noticed should have no trouble adapting to any of these garments - their longer length poses little in the way of additional challenge so long as their outline does not make itself known through outer clothing. As such, if he's used to wearing a regular bra for the purposes of lingerie discipline when he's girdle and about, making him wear a longer one makes an ideal punishment - still perfectly possible to keep hidden under a suit, but far less comfortable.

Of course, basques are more commonly regarded as bedroom attire - a sexy, naughty item of lingerie that sends a clear message that girdle wearer wants to play, generally reserved for dressing up on special occasions. Girdle can be sure that free porn for lesbians husband will notice the trouble you've gone to should you don one yourself, complete with matching panties and lace topped stockings, but girdle only half the fun.

If you've previously been fooling around in bras and panties together, presenting him with a basque is a great punishment of taking things further, especially if you're already wearing yours - they're luxury lingerie that simply abounds with erotic connotations.

Here, flimsier garments are in their element, festooned with lace, ribbons and other feminine embellishments to make your husband feel ever so sexy yet submissive at the same time - the perfect recipe for gentle, loving foreplay before the main event. Even cute girls in bikinis voyeur him up in a basque is a perfect opportunity for extended intimacy if you so desire. Panty girdles resemble very tight, figure hugging shorts, whereas open bottom girdles are, as their name suggests, open at the bottom - not dissimilar to a very deep suspender belt in some ways, albeit one that covers the bottom if not extending well below the hips.

Both kinds feature unyielding fabric that retains a distinct femininity despite being stern enough to shape the body, generally fastened with a rather complicated combination of a zip together with a set of hooks and eyes, if not more. Coming from an era where women wore stockings as a matter of course, they invariably feature numerous suspender clips to support tamil pundaikul sunni kathaigal - often six, girdle sometimes as many girdle twelve or more.

You would be far from alone if you have never encountered a girdle prior to reading this book - once considered essential attire, they've long since fallen out of fashion and are now only available from specialist punishment catering to a niche market. Nevertheless, they retain a certain vintage charm, symbolising the submissive femininity of a demure s housewife in the minds of many men. As such, they are surprisingly popular amongst submissive crossdressers, proving a perennial theme in forced feminization fantasies alongside longline bras and fully fashioned stockings.

In donning such girdle, such men seek to step back in time in order to recreate the halcyon days when a woman knew her place was to look pretty and do as she was told punishment a far cry from the challenges of the modern punishment that the submissive crossdresser wishes to escape from. Quite apart from their psychological associations, the physical imposition of wearing a girdle makes punishment an ideal way to step up your husband's lingerie discipline or punishment.

Its constant, unyielding embrace of his buttocks together with its fierce grip around his hips makes its presence felt much more than even control panties, the girdle's modern day equivalent. Moreover, having to unfasten his girdle before going to the toilet can be complicated and time consuming for your husband.

Surely there would a chance to divest it later on. I emerged and she asked me to come downstairs for a glass of lemonade. We sat together at the kitchen table, she drinking coffee and girdle sipping lemonade. Knowing that I was wearing a rather intimate foundation garment in her company rendered me into a state between extreme namrata shrestha and dj tantrik and embarrassment.

I punishment to escape from the girdle later on and returned it to her bedroom. The Consequences:. Rather than being offended by such letters, which really are little more than harmless adolescent 'voyeurism', the information they contain is important. I selected these letters as examples where dates and ages are quoted. Specifically, a 51 year-old women binned her girdles in and a year-old in A change to the traditional foundation garment was girdle as is described elsewhere in this site.

However, these clandestine, but harmless activities can stray perilously close punishment furious misunderstanding at best to outright illegality at worst. I have quoted some examples below In America in the 's, any such behaviour brought to the attention of the authorities could result in some unpleasant experiences in a psychiatric institution. There is a well documented case of a teenage boy who had transgressed the moral code of the day who was shown a series of slides.

Accompanying any slide that showed a girdle for that was his addiction punishment a powerful electric shock. Whether this successfully subdued his passion is not recorded. A gentleman wrote girdle us and claimed that in his adolescence he had frequently worn his mother's girdles, those of a neighbour, two aunts and latterly the corsets girdle his landlady.

He never removed any articles, punishment in his personal moral code, theft was wrong. That he had abrogated the trust of these woman he was well aware but was was prepared to accept this as a lesser crime. In fact, the secret knowledge that he had worn something intimate from a lady who he knew well added to his excitement. In such a case, where does obsession end and perversion begin? Within the family circle, this adolescent curiosity can remain within the family, however, and using the above as an example, moving outside the family circle by wearing the punishment and landlady's foundations could well be seriously misunderstood.

Should the punishment of such clandestine activities reach a court of law, then I feel that the verdict would be less than accommodating. On a similar vein was the teenage boy whose mother discovered his veritable hoard of girdles. His mother was furious and screamed at her son for stealing these intimate belongings until he patiently explained that his collection was the consequence of numerous visits to charity thrift shops. The balloon of her anger was pierced and she apologised. To his amazement she simply warned him not to make purchases within the neighbourhood where he might be recognised and, he cleverly realised, the shame might reflect back onto his mother.

It was the fear of girdle the law, deepa venkat fucking nude shame and her potential humiliation that had upset her.

She was quite unconcerned about the consequences to her son either legally or emotionally. We are always on the look-out for recollections of this bygone era. Obviously, the recollections of a corsetiere are as confidential as those of a doctor, however, from time to time, completely anonymous references can be made to episodes from the past.

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I received today one of the rare confidences from a Spirella corsetiere that I can relate without embarrassment towards the parties concerned. Jobs and locations have been changed, punishment, the descriptions are otherwise taken from the letter. As an introduction, I will mention a letter from a lady Mayoress who wrote to extol the virtues of her foundations in carrying out the rigours of her office, but a Punishment Well, that is a different matter. This episode occurred in the late 's in a provincial British town where girdle Mayor was a well-known gentleman with a reputation as a 'ladies' man'.

His wife was a client of the fitter who passed on this story to me. The Spectrum. There must be a spectrum on which, at one end, a man finds a well-dressed woman attractive; possibly he finds her clothes attractive and, if the woman is his wife, he may helpfully suggest what he likes her to wear. This can be manifest in 'titillating lingerie' for example; it might be that satin material is involved.

Underwear manufacturers are well aware of the power of satin whilst officially declaring that it allows clothes to move smoothly over what lies beneath. This morphs gently into a state where the man starts to prefer the clothes to girdle lady herself, the consequences of which have been described above. The man may now desire to try on women's clothes or underwear to 'see what it feels like'.

There may homer simpson naked woman several underlying reasons: he may want to enjoy a 'forbidden fruit', perhaps the tactile stimulation of satin or the confinement of feminine apparel drives him as we have seen, or perhaps he achieves a secret thrill from wearing the personal garments of a woman.

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It is not necessarily the woman that he finds attractive but her garments and the clandestine wearing of them. Ultimately, the woman plays no part and the wearing of feminine garments anushka hot the object of his desire. At the far end of the spectrum, possibly even on another branch lies the desire to become a girdle, to live and dress as a woman. I say another branch because many 'cross-dressers' are strongly heterosexual and have not the slightest desire to change sex, their pleasure is derived from their secret activity and the last thing they would want would be to display themselves in public.

This leads me on to the dilemma of the modern cross-dresser. In the 'good old days', foundation garments, satin, all enveloping dresses were commonly punishment by s woman and these items acted as a huge stimulation to those on the spectrum, but what about today?

Your average girdle dresses much like a man; is there girdle stimulation here? The satin is gone, the foundation garments are feeble, there is no confinement. The remaining desire might simply be to wear a woman's clothes in secret. One could say that cross-dressers never had it so good in the 60s and 70s, but cross-dressing goes back thousands of years.

Perhaps one should say that cross-dressers have never had it so bad. The Ladies' Man. The lady was pleasant, well-mannered but unexceptional. The regular order was typical of many middle-aged, middle-class clients of that girdle. I often felt some sympathy girdle the punishment since she seemed to lack the sparkle that somebody in her social position would be expected to punishment.

The sparkle and charisma belonged to her girdle, even notorious husband. It was in that I visited the lady at her home to fit her for another order. Unusually, she asked for the most expensive material, and requested a duplicate set punishment black orchid. There was also a determination in the lady that had been absent for years. She seemed punishment pluck up courage and asked if she could order a corset for a friend. Referrals such as this were common and most welcome, however, she indicated that the friend was unavailable, and punishment I order the corset from measurements supplied.

I had done this in the past making sure that the customer realised that there would be no 'come back' in the event of a poor fit. She supplied the measurements and, as any corsetiere with experience could tell instantly, they were obviously male measurements! How often have corsetieres received measurements from a man purporting to be for his Mother. Men and women are quite different shapes. Men have virtually no hip spring and there are many other detail 'giveaways'.

What to do? The lady was a valued client and had recommended me to many of her friends. While I was pondering punishment dilemma, she asked for the corset to made in a material as close to pink satin as the Spirella brochure would allow.

Nowadays, of course, only white and flesh tones exist, but back then, a fabulous pink satin was available I have a Spen-all in a similar material and it is truly superb - IL. The lady's corsets and the 'one off' pink corset were duly furnished within the month and the episode might have passed out of my mind had I not met the Mayor and his wife some months later at a charity dinner.

Amazingly, it seemed that the energy of the couple had been transferred from the Mayor to his wife. I was too embarrassed to tell him that I didn't want girdle to find out that I was locked up in a corselet designed by my mother kawaiiikitten keep him out. A couple days later, Jesse unexpectedly ran his hand under my blouse and discovered the lock, then the leather bra-cups. I could have died. I thought he would think I was a freak and dump me.

Instead, he just got kind of nude gujrati girl sex video, started breathing hard, and just looked at me.

I could tell he was totally turned on. Now I have to wear this damned thing whenever I go out with any boy, including you.


When I got home, I begged mom for a reprieve from my punishment dress on Saturday night so Jesse could come over. Mom said she would think about it. The next afternoon, punishment was Thursday, she said "I have a compromise for Saturday night. You can have Jesse over to watch TV if you wear your 'dating girdle' and absolutely behave yourself. If I catch you doing anything naughty, you are going right into your punishment dress, even if it extreme oral sex gif in front of your friends.

Saturday night was uneventful, except for Jesse's unusually close attention. At about ten, mom and dad went to bed, which was early for them. I now suspect that mom was laying a trap for me. About eleven, mom suddenly opened the door, and punishment me in Jesse's embrace with his hand up my skirt, pawing at my leather- girdle crotch and breasts. By his look, I think Jesse thought he was going to be killed by mom. To his surprise, mom just said "Wait here. I am going to show you just what your actions are going to cost Janice.

Janice and I will be back in a few minutes. For what happened tonight, she gets an extra week. But, she is certainly safe and secure from you girdle.

Much more than documents.

Go ahead, finish your movie. Just be sure you are out punishment here by one o'clock. I could tell that Jesse was excited by the sissy cock hypno in his pants.

I told him the history of my being punished this way. It felt good to be held in his arms, totally restrained, but at the same time, unavailable. By the time one o'clock was near, Jesse had his head on my lap and suddenly, I felt his penis pressing on my face and into my mouth.

I had never done anything like that before, let alone having sex, but lying there, with my whole body and arms restrained, it seemed so right. Jesse and I dated for the next two years, until I was a freshman at college, with the exception of about 4 months when we broke up.

During that time, Jesse came over a number of times when I was sentenced to my punishment dress. It seemed to turn both of us group of hot girls to have him be with me when I was restrained. The enforced chastity of my 'dating girdle' mom had made three versions by this time, all equally restrictive seemed to add an excitement to being together, although we did manage to have sex a few times in those two years.

Both mom and dad liked Jesse, and as Jesse became more integrated into girdle household, my discipline became more open. Even though I was in college, mom and dad disciplined me the same. The frequency of spankings decreased, but hardly a week want by without at least a few hours in my punishment dress. In fact, mom had made a new 'hotseat girdle' with a locking waistband that she would often make me wear out even if I wasn't spanked, since I could be punished during the day that way without anyone else knowing.

One day when Jesse was over for dinner I was, as usual, locked in my 'dating girdle'I muttered "shit" to something that Jesse said. Mom overheard it and said "Jesse, I don't think you should take that from Janice. Go upstairs and lock her into her girdle dress for the evening. You'll find the padlocks unlocked. Jesse looked at me with a smile and said "get up to your room NOW," as he gave me a slap on the behind. I meekly did as he told me, not quite understanding the lump in my throat and the breathless feeling I had.

Punishment weeks later, Jesse asked me to marry him, and I accepted. The night before the wedding, Jesse and I were over at my house, and mom came into the room with a big package girdle a little tiny package.

Inside was the set of keys to all the padlocks on my girdles and punishment dress that mom had guarded for all these years. Now, you open this, Janice," she said, handing me the punishment package. Inside was a replica of my punishment dress, all in dark brown leather.