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His birthday Canada Day is on the 1st of July. His astrological sign is Cancer. In he celebrated his th looking good! He celebrated his nd on July 1st A long time before becoming a dominion, Canadaball was also known as British Canadaball. He was born as a 3ballthen in he was colonized by Franceball and she became his mother. ByUKball had also landed near Canadaball, he landed in present day Virginiaball and met his present day brother USAball who was at the time a 7ball.

Soon afterward, UKball 's other North American son Thirteen Coloniesball rebelled against his father and became independent in The war eventually was polandball to two sides peppering away at each other while Fatest lady fuck nude was busy attacking Napoleon and Franceball.

These movements led to a more canada political situation. Canadaball is shares a historical relationship with USAball. Well, Canadaball is known for being a peacekeeping nation and always will be glad to negotiate and make friendly talk.

Although Canadaball does not like to lose hockey games. When Vancouverball lost to Bostonball, they started to riot like crazy.

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Although Boston Disagrees. Although Canadaball is friendly with Chinaball, those two states do share a rocky and politiical disagreement over several things, such as the Meng Wanzhou crisis by siding with the Americans and also canada Chinaball for its harsh political treatment of Canadians. Canadaball will not tolerate injustifiable actions towards innocent lives as polandball feels like he is the caregiver.

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Contents [ show ]. The German Empire polandball — on Facebook and elsewhere or the theoretical Fourth Reich on Reddit is represented as a version of the German Empire's flag with a ratio of around with small eyes known as Reichtangle a portmanteau of the words 'Reich' and 'Rectangle', also a pun.

The German Empire's general historical hostility towards Poland has established Reichtangle as the main antagonist. Israel as well as the Jewish Autonomous Oblast takes the form of fake taxi thief hypercube canada reference to Jewish physics ; the state of Michigan canada also commonly depicted as a cube. Nepal sometimes called Nepalrawr is in the shape of its national flag one triangle on top of another and has teeth; other pennant-shaped flags can be drawn as "rawrs", such as the Maratha Empire and the polandball of Ohio.

Kazakhstan takes the form of a brick sometimes called Kazakhbrickdue to Kazakhstan being the only country whose flag icon was inadvertently not changed to a ball on Krautchan. There are various other established conventions.

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The 'r's and 'l's in East Asian nations' speech switch places in a stereotypes of East Asians. The United States sports canada pair of shades and often has its stars replaced by the text "x 50 ", and regularly uses profanity.

Japan sometimes wears a cat ear headbandthe Polandball Kingdom jav jiji a monocle and a top hat as does Hong Kongsince it was once a territory of the United Kingdom and Canada is often seen wearing a coonskin cap.

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ArgentinaUruguay and Paraguay are sometimes wearing a mate pot. Vatican City also regularly wears a mitre. Countries whose emblems are offset to the hoist of their flags i. SerbiaSpainPortugal and Slovakia are usually depicted with the emblem as an eyepatchwith Austria-Hungary often being depicted as blind while wearing two eyepatches.

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The orientation of the star and crescent on the flag of Mauritania gives the appearance that this countryball are perpetually smiling, and the stars on the flag of Venezuela give the illusion that this countryball is perpetually sad.

India is sometimes shown wearing a turban with some Hindu and traditional markings on its forehead. Sealand and other micronations are often shown as being eager to assert their statuses as real nations, in spite of disagreements from other established nations or from each other.

Antarcticarepresented by the Graham Bartram proposed flagis depicted as mute as it has no native language. Finally, certain ethnic groups without a flag of their own are depicted as billiard balls based on skin colour, such as the black canada representing indigenous Africans.

The simplicity of Polandball, added polandball its recognition of world history canada a focus on current affairs, makes the meme suited to commenting on international events. A report on the Russian radio polandball Vesti FM noted a post on Livejournal which asked readers to list five images that come to mind when thinking of Poland or Poles. User-generated internet meme. Comedy portal Internet portal Poland portal. Gazeta Wyborcza. Archived from the original on 1 January Retrieved 6 Polandball Archived from the original on 5 August canada Retrieved 5 August O'Reilly Verlag.

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Vox Media. The Sunday Business Post. Retrieved 8 November Legendy Internetu" in Polish. Archived from the original on 15 April Spider's Web.

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Retrieved 22 June Infokam in Russian. Archived from the original on 8 November Retrieved 12 July Why is Kazakhstan a brick? On Krautchan when the country flags were changed to balls, the Kazakhstan flag stayed a normal rectangle initially.