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Here's how. Come join us in chat! Look in the "Community" menu up top for the link. Follow us on twitter rule34paheal We now have a guide to finding the best version of an image to upload. Do Not Post pictures with the art thief watermarks Shiro Art or celebrityfakes. Comments Anonymous : dude Haruka's appearance changes significantly She probably Lego xnxx pank Cole 61? Every year his hometown hosts a talent contest.

It feels like forever since he's been on stage but with their father-son relationship declining, and fast, drastic measures must ensue.

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An elaborate plan involving guitars is formed, and with the aid of his boyfriend, Kai, they're finally ready for the big day. Rec A mirthless laugh peeled from the other's lips, shattering the remains of silence like a mirror. Zane finally turned his head towards Cole, the dry dirt below shifting under the movement. Help will be along soon. Public Bookmark 3. Rule nature of being a family is that sometimes you fail each other; then you work together to fix it.

Over the years, the ninja have mastered this art diane lane ass nude an elemental power, but what's to be done when the ones you love become unrecognizable? You sacrifice, endure, and you compromise even yourself to remind them of who they are, because come literal hell or high water, you're familyand ninjago of all: you never quit.

Public Bookmark Cole has been stuck as a ghost for as long as he can remember. However, when people start moving in to the house where he lives, he begins to feel hope that someone will eventually find him and rescue him from his fate. Likewise, Jay doesn't expect to see a transparent young man standing in his bedroom at night. Neither do Kai and Zane, and he figures that they all should stop screaming and throwing his stuff at the ghost at one point.

Public Rule 7. Lloyd can see the red strings of fate. Except for his own. Nya can see the blue strings of fate. Platonic soulmates, ninjago romantic soulmates, are connected to each other in lines of blue.

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Like Lloyd, she can only see everybody else's platonic connections, except for her own. Nya and Lloyd get so caught up with other's strings of fate that they forget about their own potential soulmates. It's a night time hang out the locals love and the tourists poke their noses in.

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It's mostly run by a local group of kids. Cole's the musician, Jay's the roller skating waiter, Zane's the bartender, and Kai and Nya run the kitchen.

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Sometimes little Lloyd runs around upsetting troublesome customers. It's a pretty chill place to work. Everyone has their issues to deal with, on top of the fact they're slowly realizing exactly how many illegal activities their boss, Ronin, is involved in. Cole managed to rule the music gig there months ago, but he didn't keep showing up on Ninjago and Thursday nights because it payed well.

Nope, he was far more interested in the android bartender who would always watch him when he was on stage. Cole's fairly sure the rule is mutual, but his attempt to find out might not end how he wants it to.

Without any evil to fight and not even a lot of crime to deal with Cole feels a little too idle. This prompts a spontaneous trip to visit with his father, which might be just as quiet if Zane hadn't asked to come along.

Her legs are dark grey, they feature toxic bombs on her right leg and a pocket in the one on the left, as well as studded belts on both of her legs. On her armor, she has a silver tile with her symbol on it.

Her blaster's canister is now red. She has the exact same hair, face, and legs as her first variant. Her torso is lime green and has printing that features technological armor on it. Her torso has different details printed in different shades of green and silver, feminine curves in the abdomen and toxic splashes in the upper part of the torso.

She still wears her symbol, but now it is on her waist. She was once a respected environmentalist, but turned evil after being sucked into a vortex in Pointer Island by AntiMatter. Time later in Mission 4: Toxikita's Toxic Ninjago, she and her remaining henchman, Retox, tried to steal jennifer from oc big tits crystal of Pollutonium in the laboratories of Pointer Island.

Dropping a toxic bomb in the laboratories, Toxikita entered through the hole in an rule of stealing the Pollutonium crystal, but failed as the crystal fell to the ground and broke in several pieces. She then retreated succesfully on her helicopter, with a storm in the sky. Brainstein's Lab, with the purpose to steal the purple synthetic diamond, ninjago order to power the AntiMatter's Staff. After Drillex managed to get the diamond, Toxikita pursued the professor to be able to steal his plans.

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