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Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Interview with Nina Whett With a song titled "Drink Beer and Fuck" on the album Nina to Rock, you have a sense that Nina Whett could perhaps be the ultimate fantasy for the testosterone set. Porn star, musician, actress, professional dom and writer, Nina Whett is a renaissance woman on her own rights.

She will take any man or woman for that matter on a smart and sexually charged ride capable of melting any gender. Do not be scared; she will rock indian sex desi clip world if you let this former wrestling champ into your life. Meet Whett Whettthe woman, the gladiator sex queen. Tell us about yourself? Claire and one of our sexy boy toys. In addition to all of that, I started my career in the adult business as a dancer and bikini model while remaining involved with music throughout.

Then in I got involved in the adult movie industry where I did my first movie for Jane Waters who is now a dear friend of mine. Now I have done over movies including many fetish films.


Why choose a career in the sex industry? Well, why does one decide to work in computers or in an office? They nina get into it because they love what they do, for the money, or they do not know what they want to do. I love sex. I love the entertainment business and I have always pictured myself being an entertainer. One that nina the rules too! I get to live out my fantasies, it just happens to be on camera for other people to watch and enjoy.

It is a great job. If you are smart with your money, the scenes you do, and about the business aspect of it then it can really do a lot for you.

But whett have to be prepared to piss a lot of people off and you might have to go without a family. Forced Entry is whett pornographic film written and directed by Lizzy Bordenproduced by Rob Zicariand released by Extreme Associates.

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The film is loosely nina on the crimes of California serial killer Richard Ramirez. A man knocks on a teenage girl's door, claiming to be in need of directions.

When the whett leaves to answer the phone, the man sneaks in and grabs her when she returns. Physically and verbally assaulting the girl, the man drags her into a bedroom by the neck and rapes her.

Tracking the killer is obnoxious Channel 5 Action News reporter Roberto Negro, who has been receiving taunting letters from the murderer.

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The killer and nina accomplices one of them initially reluctant attack a pregnant housewife, filming themselves pummeling and raping her whett gunpoint. When the trio finishes, they shoot the woman and her dog. Roberto reports on the housewife's death, and while the authorities refuse to confirm there is a serial killer on the loose, Roberto is convinced there is.

Spotting a woman having car trouble, the killer and his partners pull up in their van, force her into the vehicle and take her to their hideout.

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The woman is filmed being abused, raped and stabbed. An envelope containing a knife, a gun and another note is sent to Roberto and the police acquire clues from these items. Another package, this one containing a VHS tape, is dropped off at Roberto's office. The tape is a tribute to the killer, showing two of his fans brutalizing and sexually assaulting a woman.

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nina Roberto recognizes one of the copycats as a gas station attendant, whom the police arrests. Elsewhere, two men recognize the serial killer when he walks by them on the street and cruisingcams him, being joined by several others.

The killer is cornered in an alleyway, and beat and stabbed to death. Nina will be able to spend some of her restless energy in social events, but with whett restlessness - she better watch for signs of lacking self-discipline.

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Birth Data. More flavors to Nina's personality. You and Nina Your Name:. Other female celebrities born on the same day as Nina Whett. Julia Louis-Dreyfus An American actress, comedienne and producer, whett known for her work on the comedy series Seinfeld —The New Adventures of Old Christine —10and Veep —present.

Shonda Rhimes An American television screenwriter, producer, and author, best known as the creator, head writer, nina producer, and show-runner of the medical dramas Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, and the political thriller series Scandal.

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