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More generally Ahmadinejad's comments brought up the issue of men having sex with men throughout the Middle East before marriage.

Iran bans half-naked men, love triangles on TV - Reuters

This is a taboo topic in much of the region, so getting good quantitative data seems pretty much impossible. But today PLoS Medicine came out with a paper with a result which suggests that the anecdotes of relatively widespread homosexual behavior in the Middle East are not totally unfounded or unrepresentative the journalist Hugh Pope has indicated that Middle Eastern men have sometimes assumed he would naturally be open to sexual propositions because he was a Westerner.

He grew a mustache to discourage such inquiries. Here's the figure which jumped out at me:. I don't think so.

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Khiodayari, nicknamed "The Blue Girl" after the colors of her favorite team, Esteghlal, had reportedly suffered burns over 90 percent of her body in the self-immolation. Sports news website Varzesh3 reported that Khodayari had just learned she would be imprisoned for six months for trying to enter a stadium dressed as a man.

The conservative Shi'ite Muslim-led country has banned women from stadiums since the Islamic Revolution. Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan. Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia. Afghanistan Pakistan. President Trump says happy to have a trial in the Senate, but does not really care. US bombings in Iraq and Syria targeted a key Iranian unit.

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Three dead, several missing as Australia counts the cost of devastating bushfires. Trump says he does not want, nor foresee, war with Iran.

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Or it is a complete sign of disrespect, in which case you will have to respond. But, this was neither.

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This was just how Westerners deal with the call of nature and move on! I flushed and pretended that I was done and headed out.

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As soon as I knew that he had left the restroom, I ran back and took care of the business. After that incident I knew that I needed to come up with a back up plan. And I definitely did not appreciate my conversation being interrupted so rudely, although not ill-intended.

So starting the next day, I took maxes angels elevator down, one floor at a time, and tried to find a peaceful and quiet restroom.

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It was not clear what prompted the ban — Iran TV, which has a monopoly in the country, dedicates large parts of its schedule to religious shows and announcements from the government.