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It's because people just love to exaggerate, especially about the talleywhacker. Nothing about his penis or his ability to use it could make me want to be in the same room with him. When are you boys going to understand that women don't LIKE big dicks? It's only MEN straight ones, too who are fascinated with the penis. I'm sure this is BS. There is a thing about really tall guys and big packages, I admit. I can't stand Swizz Beats but I could see him toting something similar.

Giant cocks are a young man's game. When you get older, you come to appreciate the regular sized cock just doing its job. There anthony enough blood in that mark to fill a decent sized dong. MA would faint before he got penis semi.

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Marc Anthony''s 11" Penis I'm sure it's B. The "clothing industry in Puerto Rico"? Marc is New York born and raised. Is that why his head looks drained of all fluid, like ancient beef jerky? I don't care of the thing is 18 inches. I suspect that this rumor can be sourced to his people.

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Unless it's big enough to cover his face it ain't big enough. Bitch, please. Facebook VKontakte Google. Share Flag. Marc Anthony 'hated the fact J-Lo was a sex symbol' and tried to 'control her wardrobe'.

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And pantyhose videos sexy pantyhose symbol: Anthony is said to have hated his wife's sexy image as she appeared in scantily clad outfits onstage at last year's MTV Awards and at MTV penis Hello and thank you for registering.

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Some features on this site require a subscription. I'm sure it's B. Rumors all over the internet this morning about this. No one is sexier than marcanthony. Marc-Anthony unknown. Marc-Anthony has the biggest dick out of all his friends. He also is amazing great at sex and so much more. If he is good at fucking your brains out then he is a Marc-Anthony. Tom Peck. Rugby union. Miguel Delaney. US sports. Streaming Hub. Geoffrey Macnab. Clarisse Loughrey. Ed Cumming. Tech mark. Tech culture. Money transfers. Health insurance. Money Deals.

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Marc Anthony''s 11" Penis

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