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Laura Ramsey was born hot deadly features as Grey eyes, Light brown hair, and slim build. A Scorpion, Laura is professionally known by her acting career in film and television Industry. LR: I'd happily take her spot — I've always wanted to do a ramsey action movie — but at the same time, I'm happy with how where my path is taking me.

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There must be a reason I didn't get it, so all the best for Megan Fox — I'm sure she's on to doing other great things anyways. What was it like working with him? Him being Hamm.

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LR: He's one of the nicest men I've ever met in my life. When you go anorectic nude and guest-star on a TV show, they already have their family — everybody pretty much knows everybody, and everyone sort of has that base already formed. So when you go into somebody else's home, you feel a little bit uncomfortable at first, but he made me feel so welcome.

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And the wardrobe was unbelievable. LR: Walking into the wardrobe, where they hold everything, it was like a girl's dream. All the vintage dresses you could possibly imagine, and they're all so beautiful. ESQ: You play a lot of California-type characters. Ever find it hard to cover up the Wisconsin accent?

LR: Sometimes when I get mad or I'm crying in a scene, it will come out.

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Ramsey used to work in a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard when she was spotted and she got an audition on the next day. She won a role in The Real Cancun, a documentary based on the real exploits of various American youngsters in Mexico.

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