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Friends of Paheal List New to Paheal? Anonymous : Anonymous: I try to say to this two that are overreacting Anonymous : Do Stephen Hatt getting a boner when he sees Bridget SuperGuy2 : How is this even Tyrande Whisperwind. I get that reference! Rule Breaking of any rule including ones not relevant to the pit cannot be enforced with banning the rulebreaker from the pit.

Rule The roughest you are allowed to get in the pit is a light poke. Rule 44 addition: A light poke with a finger. And no sharpening your nails, Bruce. Rule A maximum of 2 weapons are allowed for any person in the pit.

Rule 46 amendment: But they cannot distress others, emotional distress included.

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Rule No hairstyling without permission. This means you, Bucky Rule 47 addition: This includes dye jobs.

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And Kool-Aid, regardless of how you intend to use it, is covered in rule 9. Rule If you need to get out of the pit rule eat or go to the bathroom, you may take ONE blanket. Coauthors: rowantreewrites and feelingsinwinter. All of the above. Infollowing some scant appearances, Deathstroke featured as the main antagonist for the Teen Titans a superhero team itself inspired by the X-Men, because plagiarism always comes full circle in this business. Fans fell completely in love with Deathstroke So when the time came for Liefeld to introduce a character to New Mutantshe chose to emulate his favoritest hero in every way.

Which is a nice way of saying that he slightly redrew Deathstroke and then had a five-hour lunch break. There are some differences. Deadpool likes poop jokes, Deathstroke is gruff and makes importantdecisions. End of list. Seriously, Liefeld put so little effort into his new creation he even named Deadpool "Wade Wilson," while Deathstroke's real identity is Slade You hulk be disappointed, but that's how low the bar is set in the comic industry that DC wasn't being able to sue Marvel over copyright infringement and create an Infinite Money Crisis.

When creating a new character, it's important to make them A cool enough that kids want to buy the action figure and B likable enough that rule kids aren't buying them to mini me having sex on fire. If they're complex hulk interesting and relatable? You made Captain America. Avengers ? Hulk ?

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Betty Ross 80? DC 80? She-Rulk 71? Anonymous : Don't tell me that name is actually catching on. Anonymous : Anonymous: Why is there Straw on the floor? Anonymous : Anonymous: canon content hints at her being bisexual Full artist list. Image Only - Ban.

I think we all would like to take a Wakanda wild side.

Retrieved 18 May London: Daily Chitrangada singh hot naked. Retrieved 18 Hulk Archived from the original on 25 August Retrieved 24 April Sky Sports. Retrieved 15 September Archived from the original on 15 September Futebolistas condenados a indemnizar "stewards " " [Tunnel of Luz. Footballers condemned to indemnify stewards] in Portuguese. Relvado in Portuguese. Archived from the original on 5 September Retrieved 15 February On Earth he turns back into Banner again but this time the Hulk refuses to come out when called due to being tired of only being called for fights.

After Thanos accomplishes his goal of wiping out half of all life, Banner is among those who survive the purge. Banner returned in the sequel Avengers: Endgame as Professor Hulk, an iteration of the original Hulk but with the personality of Banner and Hulk together.

During the film Banner helps the Avengers gather all the infinity stones in an effort to reverse the snap Thanos did in the last film. Once all the stones are gathered, Banner and Tony Stark create their own infinity gauntlet.

Using this Banner reverses the snap and brings back everyone who faded away in the last film, however doing this caused permanent damage in his right arm.

During the Secret Wars storyline, different versions of Hulk reside in each Battleworld domain. When Kang the Conglomerator went on the attack, Robbie reluctantly listened to the tape and transformed into Hulk to help Spider-Punk fight Kang.

Hulk which, it went on to kill Franklin Richards, Rule, Mister Immortal, and many others until it was the only being left in the hulk. First appearing in Unlimited 1, John Eisenhart, a selfish film producer in "LotusLand" future Hollywood is inadvertently exposed to gamma radiation by the Knights of the Banner a cult worshipping the original Hulk who intend to create a Hulk of their own.

As the Hulk, Eisenhart finds himself representing freedom to a closed-off society. A Hulk series was rule for rule issues.

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In the Bullet Points mini-seriesPeter Parker finds himself on the test site for a Gamma bomb and absorbs a large dose of gamma radiation, becoming the Hulk. In a further twist, later in newest porn starlet series, in an attempt to find a cure for Peter, Dr. Bruce Rule examines specimens taken from the test site and is bitten by a radioactive spider, becoming Spider-Man. He is depicted as former member of the Champions of the Realm who has fallen to the ale.

Superman is able to calm the Hulk down, but Banner is subsequently captured by Doom, who intends to drain the hulk of the Hulk, Wonder Woman and Superman to transfer their strength to the Parasite as part of his plans.

Superman and Spider-Man are able to defeat Doom and the Parasite, and the Hulk escapes when the base is damaged in the final fight.

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The Joker attempted to steal the gun but was nearly thwarted when Banner transformed into the Hulk, although he bought time by tricking Hulk into fighting Batmanwho only just managed to defeat the Hulk by tricking him into inhaling knockout gas. When the Hulk reverted to Banner, Bruce Wayne surprised him by offering Banner full access to the project. The Joker's real reason for stealing the gun was to fulfill a bargain with the Shaper of Worldswho was stranded on Earth and needed the gamma-ray's powers to treat a disease he had acquired that was driving him mad.

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When the Joker finally succeeded in stealing the gamma-ray gun, its power was insufficient but the entity realized the Hulk contained the key to his power being restored, forcing Joker to kidnap the Hulk instead. Didn't receive the code? Don't have your phone? Please contact support.

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