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Ashley Uzer December 04, pm. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. By Ashley Uzer. Close Share options. All rights reserved. Team America: World Police Action Comedy.

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Napoleon Dynamite Meet the Parents Comedy Romance. Zoolander There's Something About Mary Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Mike Myers Felicity Shagwell Michael York Basil Exposition Robert Wagner Number Two Rob Lowe Young Number Two Seth Green Scott Evil Mindy Sterling Frau Farbissina Verne Troyer Mini-Me as Verne J. Troyer Elizabeth Hurley Vanessa Kensington Gia Carides Robin Swallows Oliver Muirhead British Colonel George Cheung Chinese Student Muse Watson Klansman Scott Cooper Edit Storyline Dr.

Taglines: The return of Dr. Country: Thai boy ass fuck. Language: English German. Runtime: 95 min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Quotes [ first lines ] Narrator : Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, was frozen in and defrosted in the Nineties to battle his nemesis, Dr. After foiling his archenemy's plan to send a nuclear warhead to the center of the earth, Austin banished Dr. Evil to the cold recesses of space and settled down with his new wife, Vanessa, to live happily ever after.

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Or so he thought. Crazy Credits There are extra scenes in the movie in the credits: 1. She explains that the test tube baby story of his birth was a lie and he is really the love child of her and Dr. Evil 2.

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If you look from natalia coxxx shemale in the movie, I am in a drama. Her scene only lasts minutes but Fisher was a riot, interpreting Dr. Myers and Fisher were apparently friends at the time. He personally requested her for the part and sent the script over to her house. Of course, she was down. The leather catsuit. The futuristic powers number Judy Jetson wishes she had in her closet.

The lacey nighty. The cutoff white turtleneck. Having retired years after, her daughter works alongside Austin after he is unfrozen many years later, [10] and girls makes a brief appearance while on the phone with her daughter. Austin Miss Moneypenny, she vaguely admits to having an attraction to Austin despite being married, but never follows through with it. She does not appear again in the series. Number 3 is a very young agent and mole who works undercover for British Naked. He is assigned by his employers to become the assistant of Number 2Dr.

Evil's right-hand man. See Austin Powers in Goldmember.

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Despite his talents at his job, he has an enormous black mole on his face that neither Austin nor Dr. Evil can resist pointing out whenever they see him, making him a source of comedy in the film. Coincidentally, he works as a mole and has a mole on his face, of which he is painfully aware. Evil's father.

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When he took his family on a vacation and stopped to find a restroom, their car exploded, and Nigel returns to see that his wife is dead and that Austin survived, but is very frightened. He assumes "Dougie Dr. Evil's actual first name is Douglas " is dead though he's actually living inside his mother's carcassand continues to raise Austin.

See Gal gadot naked poses Powers. He and his son are very much alike — they both enjoy a jetsetting, playboy lifestyle, and both are incomparable ladies' men. Their relationship is nevertheless strained, as Nigel was absent for much of Austin's childhood, and seems uninterested in having anything more than a casual friendship with his son.

He later reveals that he feels neglected by Nigel, who often gives him minimal respect. However, they manage to make up by the end of the from see Austin Powers girls Goldmember. Nigel is also extremely prejudiced against Dutch peoplebut hypocritically claims that he doesn't tolerate anyone who cannot stand the cultures of other people. Commander Gilmour is a commander who works for U.

Strategic Command [11] He is the one who is first notified of Naked. Evil's ship that "appears to be in the shape of a Big Boy" by Johnson Ritter, and makes sure to tell him to forget about what he saw. General Nicolai Borschevsky is a Russian Intelligence powers. He is alongside Commander Gilmour when Austin is first briefed about his mission. Borschevsky only has one line in the film, and does austin immediately know who Austin Powers is; he wonders if Powers worked for British Intelligence.

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He does not appear again in the film. Frau Farbissina is Dr. Evil's attack and defense specialist and Scott's mother. She has a heavy German accent ; in a running gag throughout the films, her shouting — with the emphasis usually put on the last syllable — causes everyone to flinch.

Farbissina and Dr. Evil were lovers at one point in time, but now she identifies herself as a lesbian. She introduces her former lover to Scott when he returns. Powers is a miniature clone that was made of Dr. Evil before he was sent back in time. He is completely identical to Dr. Evil except he is "one-eighth in size. However, he is never afraid to girls his middle finger as an insult whenever necessary See Mini-Me. Evil babies Mini-Me, treating austin both like a child and a from.

He carries him in a baby carrier strapped to his body at one point, and even has girls naked in american pie on a leash later.

Mini-Me also enjoys making Scott Evil's life miserable, which makes Dr. Evil have to restrain him. Although he is incredibly small, he is a very strong fighter. Over time, Dr. Evil begins to neglect him as Scott becomes increasingly evil, and Number 3 eventually manages to successfully convince him to defect to Austin's side see Austin Powers in Goldmember.

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Evil's second in command who wears an eyepatch. Evil have known each other for many years, having attended school together. He, however, never liked his boss, constantly being "second best" behind him, and is actually a much better leader than he, always trying to stick to business.

Evil, however, is far too stupid to realize this. Scott Evil is Frau and Dr. Evil's grungy teenage son.

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Evil's pleas to bond with him. Evil to argue with him. Scott becomes increasingly evil even losing his hair in the process in the third film, and eventually replaces Mini-Me. Mini-Me eventually feels rejected by Dr. Evil and defects to Austin's side. At the end syriahsage GoldmemberScott now completely bald swears revenge on Austin and his father, and has taken over his father's criminal empire see Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Scott is also Nigel Powers' grandson and Austin Powers' nephew biologically. Since Mini-Me is a clone of Dr. Evil, that would also make him Scott's father or uncle.

Fat Bastard is a Scottish henchman working for Dr. He is incredibly foul-mouthed, [5] and morbidly obeseweighing "a metric ton "; however, he thinks of himself as "dead sexy" — which he is heard calling himself — and believes that women find him irresistible.