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The ubiquitous huge black guy! He gave him the camera and told him to take a few photos of us. The first couple were the drunk tame friends out for a drink type, then Dave pulled Mary to him and kissed her deeply as he pushed his hand into her dress groping her tits. The flash went of a few times as he managed to wife one breast out and openly fondle and suck it. Dave thanked the Bouncer and told Mary she say thanks too.

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Part of me was in terror and part wanted this to go even further. As we got outside Dave guided Mary down the alley opposite the club, once in the shadows he pushed her against the wall and began kissing her passionately.

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Mary responded and pulled him closer and began to rub naked prick through the trousers. All as I stood helplessly watching. He soon had her tit out again and was tweaking and playing with her nipple. Suddenly he flicked her legs apart and pulled up her dress exposing her cunt to the air.

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Dave indicted to me to pay the guy. I quickly paid trying not to loose sight as they went down the narrow corridor and turned into a door way. As I came through the doorway into a small darkened cinema, just 10 or 12 aisles perhaps 6 seats either side of the main walk way, I could see perhaps 8 or 10 figures in the gloom. The screen suddenly caught me eye as did the noisy sound track. I looked up to see a woman being spit roasted between to guys. Cute american woman porn pictures the gloom I could see a few of the audience had naked dicks out and naked openly wanking.

I turned trying to locate Mary in the darkened cinema; a few guys were getting out of their seats and moving to the back. I tagged on the end and made my way to the back. I half expected what I would see. The area at the back had been cleared of the usual cinema seats and instead a few plastic chairs were scattered about the area.

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Dave got up turning her around as Mary stood and presented her to the surrounding guys. There were 10 clustered around her a spotty teenager to a grey haired old man. Dave stood behind her running his hands all over her body as they looked on.

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