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Republica Dominicana Clip Art - Royalty Free

Dominican Republic Flag Description: Centered white cross that extends to the edges divides the flag into four rectangles - the top ones are blue hoist side and red, and the bottom ones are red hoist side and blue; coat of arms featuring a shield supported by an olive branch left and a palm branch right is at the center of the cross; above the shield a blue ribbon displays the motto, "Dios, Patria, Libertad" God, Fatherland, Libertyand below the shield, "Republica Dominicana" appears on a red ribbon.

Enlarged view of The Dominican Coat of Arms.

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Dominican Republic Flag - x pixels. Also, piano and brass instruments were added in merengue-oriented big bands, a trend towards upward mobility popularizing by Luis Alberti's group in Santiago de los Caballeros.

On skye blue hardcore other hand, merengue that continued to use an accordion became known art disrespectfully as perico ripiao ripped parrot. It was because of all this that merengue became and still is the Dominican Republic's national music and dance. The republic changed, with accordion women with electric guitars or synthesizersor occasionally sampledand the saxophone's role clip redefined.

In spite dominican the changes, merengue remained the most popular form of music in the Dominican Republic. Ventura, for example, was so adulated that he became a massively popular and influential politician on his return from a time in the United States, and was seen as a national symbol.

Merengue came with them, bringing images of glitzy pop singers and idols. At the same time, Juan Luis Guerra slowed down the merengue rhythm, and added more lyrical depth and entrenched social commentary. He also incorporated bachata and Western musical influences with albums like 's critically acclaimed Bachata Rosa. This music is highly African in origin and associated with the Afro-Christian sect. The drums are all different sizes from very large to the smallest drum known as Alcahuete.

Other instruments used are the maracas, canoas or sticks.

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This music has maintained its original form and is still sung in call and response, one person sings out a line and all others reply in song also. Salves are highly ceremonial and are used in pilgrimages and at parties dedicated to voodoo saints. Salve is a ritual inspired by religion and music with roots in both African and Hispanic cultures. The name comes from the Salve Regina, a catholic psalm, and many still sing a sacred, a cappella salve that preserves the medieval modes of old Spanish hymns.

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The ecstatic salve played at religious parties however, is all about percussion — featuring large numbers of tambourines playing interlocking rhythms and a melodic drum called the balsiewhose player alters the pitch by republic pressure with his foot.

Salve women be played in fewer parts of the country but it's one of the best-known sounds, largely because it's the sound of choice in Villa Mella, a dominican suburb of the capital often thought of as the epicenter of Afro-Dominican traditions. Clip, also known as Atabales is a Dominican sacred music that can be found throughout the island. The drum and human voice are the principal instruments. Palo is played at religious ceremonies - usually coinciding with saint's days - as well as for secular art and special occasions.

Its roots are in the Congo region of central-west Africa, but it is mixed with European influences in the melodies. Palos are usually associated with the lower class, black and mixed populations.

They can be seen in different regions of Dominican Republic, but with variations. Palo music is played on long drums termed palos. The word palos means trees, and therefore all Dominican palos drums are instruments made from jemma nude pics suicide girl out logs. The head of the drum is made of cowhide and it is attached to the log portion with hoops and pegs in the Eastern region, or with nails in the Southwest. There is a master drum palo mayor which is the large, wide drum played with slimmer drums alcahuetes alongside: two in the East or three elsewhere.

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Palos are usually played with guiras, which are metal scrapers. The Dominican region in which the palos are played determines the form, the number of the instruments, and how they are played. Originally, the brotherhoods were composed solely of males.

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Each brotherhood is devoted to a particular saint. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the brotherhood is to honor the saint with a festival. Through colonization and the slave trade, these traditions were brought to the Dominican Republic.

Palo music is generally played at festivals honoring saints velaciones or during other religious events.