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Alinity is one of Twitch's most notorious troublemakers. She became well known a few months ago for tossing her cat milo on stream, while at the same time clips of her feeding vodka to her cats surfaced. She has also been known alinity use the n-word on stream and has more than a few previous wardrobe malfunctions of her own. Despite these infractions, Leaked is hardly ever reprimanded by Twitch. Many believe the platform is biased against men and small streamers and allows big time streamers and women to do whatever they want.

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Exactly what goes down or she sends them nudes galore. SummerBootySweat 7d.

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StolenMemes97 9d. RussianAmerican 6d. ProtoXGirl 6d. All content related issues will be solved right here. However, we at SegmentNext do believe that apart from Twitch, no one else should take any action.

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The recent tragedy of Bianca Devins is all too fresh in our minds. We need to realize that no matter how distasteful the content anyone posts, reporting it to relevant authorities is all we should do. Making them feel unsafe in real life, like Alinity feels scared, is unwarranted.

Let better sense prevail. Skip to content. Video Games.

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She took to Twitter to explain that her dog was likely sniffing in that area because she was on her period. Alinity then explained that there are at least 48 broadcasted days where her dog is likely to demonstrate this strange behavior.

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That's at least 48 broadcasted period days!