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I just gave him the middle finger, without turning round. I counted to ten, sorted the misfeed and walked back to my desk. What I saw made me stop in my tracks. Katie was in her chair, but sitting away from the desk slightly. She was moving her mouse randomly around the mat with one hand. Her other hand was brazenly inside her skirt, her fingers apparently stroking between her legs. She looked up at me, coolly without even attempting to stop.

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I was literally frozen to the spot. I looked round, but everyone had their heads down, the show over. She picked up a pen and licked the end as her hand continued to roam up and down between her legs. I nylon and resumed my seat.

Katie had been completely open. I admit, I was turned on a bit. Maybe she knew she had been caught and being such a cocky bitch had decided south african school girls fucked bare face the whole thing out. Maybe it was her way of moving in on my space -like a visual statement of defiance, as if she could masturbate wherever and whenever she felt like it.

I decided to up the stakes. I went to work the next day dressed in my shortest red skirt, heels and a tight cream blouse. About a Friday one could get away with being a bit more daring.

Arriving trivial work, I was surprised to find that Katie had arrived before me. Like me, she had pulled out all the stops got I was mildly peeved, hoping that I would have blown her away. There was no denying that she looked very hot indeed in her short black skirt. Her smooth white top followed every contour of her boobs and I gave her a double take sex her chair swiveled in my direction.

She looked up at me as I entered the office. Did she really bite her bottom lip as she looked? The weirdest thing though was that she actually smiled. It was the first time I had seen her smile. It gave her face an altogether sweeter appearance and for a moment my eyes darted between her pretty face and her gorgeous legs. My attire had the desired effect as I strutted around the office. The guys were giving me the once over and I made a point of making unnecessary visits to the photocopier, pretending I had missed a sheet.


It was around mid-morning and Darren came over to my desk. He almost burst a blood vessel in not looking at my legs, but eventually his resolve broke and he had a good look as he spoke. Oh Danny, can you pop into the archive and get me the Stilton accounts on the way back, please. Katie followed me through the fermentation plant and then into the warehouse, where we store the truckles of cheese, which we sell in the hampers with the wine.

I occasionally paused to explain some particular points regarding the cheese and found myself being distracted by Katie in one way or another. She always had to have a pop at me, given the chance and it was getting annoying.

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We went up a set of iron stairs on to a mezzanine floor. I allowed her to go first. Suddenly I found myself staring up her skirt at a deliciously plump arse and her skimpy white panties. Her bum looked totally gorgeous and for a moment, I totally forgot about my irritation from her remarks. Her legs were smooth and toned and her panties were being swallowed by her cute ass. I think my face had assumed a rosy tint when we reached the archive room. Please enter your first name. Please enter your last name. Year Birth year required!

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